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In our most compelling, research-backed issue of The Practice Papers yet, the Trust Issue offers thought-provoking stories and actionable tools to help you understand, measure and forge trust among your most important audiences.

In this live, interactive briefing, CEO Charlie Brown will reveal his favorite stories and top trust-building insights—curated from his conversations with over 75 decision-makers, his work with Fortune 500 brands and global philanthropies and leading reports. From CEOs, to product designers, to chief marketing officers and heads of innovation, this issue offers something for every leader on the front line of decision-making.


Join us to learn:

  • Why trust plays such a critical role in the audience loyalty game
  • What leading brands are doing to earn trust—and what you can learn from them
  • Your brand’s biggest trust-earning opportunities and their potential rewards
  • Why continuous investment in qualitative insights can produce better adoption, loyalty, and influence from your most important audiences

Charlie Brown

Founder and CEO

After years of observing how social entrepreneurs harness the power of communities to scale positive results, Charlie launched Context Partners to meet a growing, critical need among brands and causes worldwide. His work, ideas and approach have been featured in Rotman Management Magazine, Harvard Business Review, Forbes, and Stanford Social Innovation Review.

Tiffany Meyer

Editor of The Practice Papers

Tiffany heads up our thought leadership efforts at Context Partners. Before joining the team, she ran a creative agency for more than a decade. Her most recent positions had her leading marketing and engagement programs in sustainable urban development and corporate social responsibility alongside some of the most admired brands in the world. She’s a passionate storyteller with a deep interest in fostering open, honest dialogue.

Wed., April 3, 2019
8am-9am Pacific 
11am-Noon Eastern 
4pm-5pm GMT