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The Treasure is in the Bond

December 8, 2011

While suffering through a delay on the Tarmac last week, I caught an article about a new collaboration between Nordstrom and Esquire Magazine called Treasure & Bond. As it says on the website, “every purchase we ring up generates change.” This single-location art and gift boutique (it’s on West Broadway in New York) partners with local non-profits who receive 100% of the store’s profits. The recipients change on a quarterly basis, so all aspects of the community can benefit. Treasure & Bond’s intention is to serve as a neighborhood gathering place. Some reviewers have described it as an art experiment that doubles as a retail experience. But to me, the store delivers something even more powerful: the connection of unique products with unique community needs. Nordstrom has built an innovative brand experience that allows them to connect with and get to know their customers in ways they could never do in their traditional stores. By keeping the venture small and with a philanthropic mission, they can experiment with (and learn from) all sorts of customer engagements.

So the real question is: when are other retailers going to get the picture? When will they realize that by connecting with their communities in creative ways, they will gain powerful insights into their core business?

I guess for now, all eyes are on the Treasure…

The Treasure is in the Bond

Charlie Brown

CEO & Founder


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