Inspiring everyday actions for a better world


Inspiring everyday actions for a better world

IKEA aims to foster sustainable living choices with its customers well beyond the point of sale. Yet the experience offered to its rapidly growing customer loyalty program, IKEA FAMILY, was still highly transactional, and disconnected from the aspirational values the brand shared with this segment. IKEA sought our help to evolve its 100 million member loyalty program with experiences designed to encourage everyday actions for sustainable living, and earn deeper brand affinity in the process. 

More than just shoppers, many IKEA FAMILY members are engaged individuals who want to change the world for the better.

What we did:


  • Immersive Discovery
  • Interviews
  • Co-design Facilitation
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Research Synthesis


  • Campaign Prototype Design
  • Prototype Testing


Segment by what’s real

By augmenting existing customer-insights research with in-depth interviews and wide-ranging surveys, we made a crucial discovery: people of every age, ethnicity and income level are IKEA customers, yet their attitudes toward sustainable living cluster less by these demographics, and more by the lifestyle they aspire to. To improve the rate of frequency of member actions and engagement, we recommended segmenting members by these Aspirational Roles rather than personas or purchase histories.


Design better rewards

Working from our research synthesis, we proposed transforming the IKEA FAMILY membership experience from a monetary reward system into a platform and resource for sustainable living. The big idea: influence hundreds of small, everyday actions and decisions that add up to a more sustainable lifestyle.


Pilot, test, iterate

We designed three loyalty campaign pilots, each designed to address results iteratively, in real time so IKEA could continually connect to the aspirations if IKEA FAMILY members. By linking members in similar Aspirational Roles across each of the three campaigns, IKEA FAMILY could become much more than a loyalty program. It could be a resource for sustainable living, and a source of global community.