IKEA FAMILY: A Resource For Sustainable Living

The Need

IKEA FAMILY is a loyalty program with 100 million members, but little in the way of engagement. At the same time, sustainability is deeply valued by both IKEA and many of its customers. This presents a clear opportunity to make the IKEA FAMILY experience more meaningful by turning it into a resource for sustainable living.

The Solution

Context Partners’ research into customer attitudes towards sustainability and towards IKEA FAMILY led us to three pilot programs, proposed as a way to increase engagement and brand love. Each creates a point of connection between members, emphasizing their shared values and offering resources for more sustainable living.

“A more sustainable life at home” has long been one of IKEA’s core values. The IKEA FAMILY loyalty program presents an opportunity to connect with customers who share that value. But IKEA FAMILY was largely transactional: discounts, a card, a newsletter—but little real connection.

The community was out there though, 100 million members and growing. On Facebook, IKEA customers were using the brand as a connecting point, and sharing ideas on sustainable living and day-to-day environmental responsibility. They want to change the world for the better, but need a platform that addresses their unique motivations.

By augmenting existing customer research with in-depth interviews and wide-ranging surveys, Context Partners made a crucial discovery: IKEA’s customer base should be segmented more by aspirational roles than by demographics. People of every age, ethnicity and income level are IKEA customers, but their attitudes toward sustainability cluster into just a few types. By linking those in similar roles, IKEA FAMILY could become much more than a loyalty program; it could be a resource for sustainable living, and a source of real community.