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Networked leader: Marshall Ganz

November 19, 2014

The corporate, philanthropic and customer landscapes have changed significantly in the past five years and will continue to as Millenials dominate the workforce and influence markets. In addition to their public face, organizations must also carefully manage internal brand experience. This new management burden requires a new type of leader, the networked leader. Networked leaders view themselves as facilitators who understand the nuanced structures required to organize, motivate and reward a group toward a long-term vision.

In this multi-part series I’ll highlight distinctive traits of networked leaders from business to academia to pop culture. Click the link to see a table explaining how the networked leader differs from traditional leaders.

Networked leaders establish shared purpose.

Who does this well? Marshall Ganz, Harvard Professor

Marshall knows that people come together through shared purpose and the fastest and most powerful way to establish this commonality is to share the “story of self.” While interviewing Ganz for The Nation Sasha Abramsky shares, “He wants to talk about me, or, rather, he wants me to talk about me. It’s what the man does. He empowers people by getting them to talk about their lives, getting them to communicate to audiences what motivates them, what gets them up in the morning, why they love the things they do.” Ganz knows asking questions rather than spewing an elevator pitch paves inroads for commonality. Pinpointing the shared purpose between two people, and among a group, is the first step toward leading a network.

Networked leader: Marshall Ganz

Charlie Brown

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