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Impact of a challenge

March 27, 2014

As recently featured on FastCo.EXIST, The Rockefeller Foundation has created a new role in leading resilience within cities, the Chief Resilience Officer. When designing the 100 Resilient Cities Challenge, we were ensuring it delivered key insights to shape the Chief Resilience Officer role (CRO). This pushed us to think in new ways, try new things and even re-learn what we thought we knew about eligibility, criteria and application questions. The design called for some unprecedented elements including global reach, connecting directly with city governments in four languages and delivering enough insight to help 100 Resilient Cities define the CRO role. As for the judging we knew Rockefeller was looking for global thought leaders, but didn’t imagine the list would ultimately include not one but two presidents, one of whom would be Bill Clinton. With the 33 cities announced, and CRO identification underway, we’re excited to see a challenge helping to bring the global resilience community to life.

An excerpt from FastCo.EXIST…

Why add a “CRO” when, in theory, existing city officials should already be preparing for future challenges?

“Cities tend to operate in silos,” says Dr. Judith Rodin, Rockefeller’s president. “And resilience is very much about building a systems approach. The idea is having a single post that really is integrating across systems–both within city government, but also between city government and other elements of the fabric of the community.”

To read the full article, click here.

Impact of a challenge

Robert Q. Benedict


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