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Where do good ideas go?

September 23, 2014

Steven Johnson told us where good ideas come from, and we’ve all been trying to foster and find them ever since. But the next question isn’t, “Where are they?” The next question is, “Where do they go?” How does a single idea, innovation or solution translate into great impact?

Ideas, innovations and solutions can be great, but if nobody knows about them, or worse, if they only work in one context, their impact is limited. Harvard Business School and the Harvard Medical School realized this, and together we created the Health Acceleration Challenge to find healthcare solutions that are scalable. Through research in healthcare communities currently generating scalable solutions, we uncovered three key criteria for success: impact, evidence and dissemination.

Hear from the community members themselves about what’s working and what’s next:

The Challenge awards promote dissemination of solutions, including $150,000 to scale. They also offer an additional $50,000 once scaled, along with advising from industry leaders, case studies and coursework promoting the solution as well as the method of expansion. To learn more about the key factors for healthcare scalability, visit the challenge or enter by September 29, 2014 to be part of this healthcare movement.


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