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Fresh perspective: Solving problems the networked way

June 26, 2017

Increasingly complex business problems mean everyone is looking for collaborations that produce solutions—both inside and outside of their organization. Consider these recent examples:

The collective suppliers of nearly 50% of the UK’s energy are collaborating to build a low-cost, low-carbon energy system:

Renewable energy continues to gain steam, shedding its niche status and moving towards the mainstream, but further progress is being impeded by barriers related to regulation and storage. In an effort to drive investment and address key issues preventing a more effective transition to a low cost and low carbon energy system, Carbon Trust has launched the Energy Systems Innovation Platform (ESIP), a collaborative initiative that brings together prominent industry players, such as Centrica, DONG Energy, Scottish Power, Statoil and Wood Group to develop solutions to overcome barriers currently deterring investment in flexibility solutions such as energy storage. – Link

The CSO of Owens Corning activating all 16,000 employees as part of the sustainability team:

Whenever I’m asked, “How many people work in sustainability at Owens Corning?” I always say 16,000—that is, everyone—and then I work hard, every day, to make that true.

You are strong, persuasive and smart, but no one can win this game alone. – Link

Context Partners’ Kimberly Manno Reott explains how savvy organizations are engaging partners and employees toward a shared purpose on Park Howell’s ‘Business of Story’ podcast. Listen here


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