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FastCo.exist on Well Designed Rewards

January 20, 2015

The third in a series on movement strategies for business on FastCo.EXIST focuses on right rewards.

Movement-making strategies for business are all about creating multiple lines of long-term connection with customers and employees.

Movements coalesce around a shared goal, incite action based on long-term aspiration rather than short-term inspiration, and sustain loyalty through a mix of rewards. Action and loyalty are what all businesses strive for. But unlike commonly used tactics such as freebies and discounts, movement-making tactics change the social norms surrounding your product. They establish a “new normal” that creates demand ahead of your next launch.

As a leader in the “sharing economy” movement, Airbnb and its community have a commonly held desire to shift the social norms about where we stay overnight when traveling, and the utility of spare guest rooms and tree houses. The company’s 2014 New Year’s Eve campaign, #OneLessStranger, seems more whimsical than goal-oriented, but it’s packed with movement-making rewards.

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FastCo.exist on Well Designed Rewards

Charlie Brown

CEO & Founder


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