Context Partners Community Strategist, Jade Frank, will take the CMX Summit 2017 stage September 20 in Los Angeles. Her talk, Employee Engagement: Think Movements, Not Metrics offers compelling evidence of the six key roles active in every movement and how engagement leaders can leverage this insight to build meaningful employee communities.

We know employee engagement starts with shared purpose, a bigger-than-business goal. But an org chart contains few clues about how your company really gets things done. Jade Frank will dissect how big changes happen without an org chart, like Gandhi’s Independence movement, highlighting the six roles active in every movement that transcend job titles. Jade reveal help session attendees reveal the role they place in their networks and how they can tailor messages, and structure engagements, for maximum appeal.

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Jade Frank leads the design and mobilization of purpose-driven communities for Context Partners, developing the mindsets, tools and capacity for organizations to strengthen relationships for their brand or cause. With roots in the Alaskan Arctic and investigative journalism, Jade has lived, worked and mobilized change in communities across the Pacific Northwest, Latin America, Asia and sub-saharan Africa.