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The Chronicle of Philanthropy: Value Beyond Prize Winners

January 2, 2017

The Chronicle of Philanthropy interviewed Context Partners Director Kimberly Manno Reott about how corporations and foundations use prizes. While the article highlighted both pros and cons of the approach, Kimberly spoke to the value in designing prizes for winners and non-winners alike, referencing the 100 Resilient Cities prize designed for The Rockefeller Foundation:

More than 1,000 cities applied for the 100 slots. Winners have received a share of the $164 million Rockefeller has awarded over the past four years to help urban areas respond to physical, social, and economic challenges.

Cities that applied twice sharply broadened their understanding of resilience by studying feedback from the judges and analyzing winning entries, Ms. Reott says. Initially, those cities saw resilience primarily as an infra-structure issue, but their second applications talked about more holistic concerns, such as meeting people’s basic needs and ensuring that a broad range of citizens are involved in decision making.

“Cities benefited from participating in the prize even if they didn’t win,” Ms. Reott says. “People think of resilience as having buildings that don’t fall down, but Rockefeller designed it much more broadly.”

You can read the full piece in The Chronicle of Philanthropy’s What Will Matter in 2017 report here.


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