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Book Report: Birth of the Chaordic Age

April 17, 2014

“The truth is that a commercial company, or for that matter, any organization, is nothing but an idea. All institutions are no more than a mental construct to which people are drawn in pursuit of a common purpose; a conceptual embodiment of a very old, very powerful idea called community… Healthy organizations are a mental concept of relationship to which people are drawn by hope, vision, values, and meaning, and liberty to cooperatively pursue them.”

—Dee Hock, founder and CEO Emeritus of VISA, Birth of the Chaordic Age

Our take
We see this in our work time and time again. Focusing on the people and the relationships among them is the way to success. People do not give their careers to making widgets, they give their careers to pursuit of a larger, shared vision. And, in the absence of that vision people will flounder in all directions, fear mistakes and not sustain a productive relationship with the organization. Consider our CEO’s recent piece on the root cause of GM’s mass recalls.
What do your employees know about your vision and their critical role within it? What about your work adds or subtracts from that realization?

About our book reports
You know how you often read a book but there are one or two powerful and critical lines that spin your head around? Us too. We read. A lot. In our book reports we’ll share those most powerful passages.
Have other favorites? Add them in the comments, we’d love to hear what strikes you.

Book Report: Birth of the Chaordic Age

Jensie Miksich


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