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9 Lines from our SXSW panelists

March 12, 2014

Listening and engaging in dialogue are critical habits for effectively hosting a dynamic community. During our SXSW Interactive panel on Network Design Thinking we wanted the members of the BMe community to do the talking. The founder and CEO, Trabian Shorters; the funder, Donna Frisby-Greenwood, Program Director, The Knight Foundation; and Shaka Senghor, BMe Community leader and author, joined me on stage to share their point of view on the value of Community Centered Design and how it impacted their community’s creation.
In their own words… (and a few of mine)

Community centered design works because it’s about identity. It reflects who the community really is. —Trabian Shorters

BMe disrupted the status quo of the usual grant process. —Donna Frisby-Greenwood

So, instead of starting with the “problem” and trying to fix, ask how folks are contributing to the solution. —Trabian Shorters

What started out as the fringe became the core. We’re all on the fringe. It’s the biggest group out there. —Trabian Shorters

One reason I was hesitant to engage with a formal program was I didn’t want to have to change who I was. —Shaka Senghor

There’s a trinity of rewards: monetary, experience, recognition. Great communities offer all three in the right measure. —Charlie Brown

Financial resources from BMe are useful. But the community resources are actually what’s invaluable. —Shaka Senghor

Our budget was love & hope. We’re going to do the work regardless of grants—it’s what we do. —Shaka Senghor

Real impact: 70 BMe leaders provided services and support to 65,000 people. —Trabian Shorters

Want more depth on the four critical aspects of community design that were covered in the panel? Click here

9 Lines from our SXSW panelists

Charlie Brown

CEO & Founder


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